The Linux.Conf.Au 2004 Sun Microsystems Regional Delegate Programme

[Home] [LinuxSA] [Linux] [Links] [Meetings] [Mailing List] 2004 is Australia's national Linux conference; it will be held at The University of Adelaide, from Wednesday 14th to Saturday 17th January 2003. This is the fifth conference of its kind in Australia (following LCA2003 in Perth, LCA2002 in Brisbane, LCA2001 in Sydney, and CALU 1999 in Melbourne).

Regional Delegate Program

Thanks to Sun Microsystems, the Regional Delegate Programme provides funding for one person from each state and territory in Australia to attend The package includes:


To be eligible for selection as the South Australian Delegate you must be a resident of South Australia. If you live elsewhere, please see the Regional Delegate Programme page.

In additional to residing in South Australia, you must demonstrate a contribution (however small, and not necessarily in software) to the Linux/Open Source community.

Being involved with LinuxSA is not a requirement for eligibility.


Applications may be sent by email to so that they arrive on or before 31/Oct/2003.

Applications must include:


Preference in the selection of the South Australian Delegate will be given to people: If there is no clear preference between the eligible applicants, selection between them will be made randomly.
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