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What Microsoft says washes pretty well, since they are turning Skype for
business into "Microsoft Teams", i.e. their version of discord.

On 29 November 2017 at 17:15, Jaroslav <jardakau at> wrote:

> Hi,
> i wonder if somebody may want to comment on this.
> After years of service, my skype_4.3.0.37 stopped working few days
> ago. During login, the sign in window just disappeared without trace.
> I tried strace but could not find much useful info in the huge
> output file.
> So I installed the skypeforlinux ( which has the same layout
> as skype on MS Windows but even a bit less functional. I don't like it
> at all.
> The old skype_4.3.0.37 had a distributed and compact layout (GUI). One
> narrow window with basic controls and the contacts list, separate chat
> window, on demand, as well as third window acive only during the calls.
> I am told that MS changed the communication protocol so that the older
> version simply can not work. That may be true. If anybody knows better,
> ie, how to run the older, less MS-wise version, please let me know,
> thank you!
> Jerry Kautsky
> PS regarding the " Laptop Recommendations" discussion, may I add my
> experience. I got my last hardware - Toshiba z935 st4no2 - about
> 4 years ago. It had a 128Gb SSD with Windows 8 which, with help from
> LinuxSA person, was taken out, replace with a bare 256Gb SSD on which
> MINT/Ubuntu/Debian was installed, so I am a MS-free zone. I can't say
> it runs "everything" but it is very stable. It collapses only if I
> forget to connect the charger (it should always go to hibernate in that
> situation but mostly t does not. Otherwise it runs for months without
> reboot, with 6 virtual screens with many opened applications,
> Sometimes I run number-crunching jobs (Matlab) for several days, possibly
> interrupted be sleep/resume without problems.
> One unpleasant thing is "Web Content/kworkers" clogging the system,
> restarting firefox fixes that.
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