Skype for linux

Jaroslav jardakau at
Wed Nov 29 16:45:26 CST 2017


i wonder if somebody may want to comment on this.

After years of service, my skype_4.3.0.37 stopped working few days 
ago. During login, the sign in window just disappeared without trace.
I tried strace but could not find much useful info in the huge
output file.

So I installed the skypeforlinux ( which has the same layout
as skype on MS Windows but even a bit less functional. I don't like it
at all.

The old skype_4.3.0.37 had a distributed and compact layout (GUI). One
narrow window with basic controls and the contacts list, separate chat
window, on demand, as well as third window acive only during the calls.

I am told that MS changed the communication protocol so that the older
version simply can not work. That may be true. If anybody knows better,
ie, how to run the older, less MS-wise version, please let me know,
thank you!

Jerry Kautsky

PS regarding the " Laptop Recommendations" discussion, may I add my
experience. I got my last hardware - Toshiba z935 st4no2 - about
4 years ago. It had a 128Gb SSD with Windows 8 which, with help from
LinuxSA person, was taken out, replace with a bare 256Gb SSD on which
MINT/Ubuntu/Debian was installed, so I am a MS-free zone. I can't say
it runs "everything" but it is very stable. It collapses only if I 
forget to connect the charger (it should always go to hibernate in that
situation but mostly t does not. Otherwise it runs for months without
reboot, with 6 virtual screens with many opened applications,
Sometimes I run number-crunching jobs (Matlab) for several days, possibly
interrupted be sleep/resume without problems.

One unpleasant thing is "Web Content/kworkers" clogging the system,
restarting firefox fixes that.

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