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Yes, Thinkpads are good...certainly a great keyboard.

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My Thinkpad X220 has been running Linux fairly well for about 6 years. The display is starting to give out so I've ordered a Thinkpad X1 which probably has a few unsupported bits because of all of the bells and whistles. I was going to get the more conservative Thinkpad 13 but then my tax refers and came in so I treated myself. I was going to buy through the Lenovo black-friday sale but I found an Australian eBay store selling a model with a better config than was available through the Lenovo configurator.
Anyhow, I'll let you know if its a scam ;)
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Have setup a couple of their laptops for engineering users, an have not had any complaints of anything not working as expected. 
On Wed, 29 Nov 2017 at 11:34 James McLean <james.mclean at> wrote:
Hi Piers,
I run Arch full time on a Dell XPS15 9560, and it's fantastic. Wayland and Gnome3 didn't even need manual configuration for the 4k display. Hibernation works perfectly, touch screen is perfect, 4k display is incredible. I haven't used Bluetooth on it yet but it's all detected and gnome knows about it, so I don't expect any real issues.
The only downside is that the Nvidia card needs to be disabled, that's not a problem unless you're gaming, plus it improves the battery life. Touchscreen can be disabled too for even more battery life savings.
I've been getting 6-8hrs from a charge while coding / browsing.
The killer wifi card has been known to cause issues on some networks, but I haven't had any problems. A replacement Intel card is $30, DIY install if you have any issues.
Some kernel boot flags are required but that's not really an issue.
Cannot recommend it highly enough.
Downside : build quality and the feel of the trackpad is nowhere near a Macbook Pro (it's excessively sensitive on the XPS). It feels cheap compared to the MBP.
On Wed, 29 Nov 2017 at 9:04 am, Piers Rowan <piers.rowan at> wrote:

I recently posted out fixing a Macbook Pro. So far it over heats, has

bad RAM and the disk is hosed. I am thinking it is toa$t.

I am keen to hear about other people's recommendations for laptops.

What I would like is:

- *everything* works with Linux

- Really good keyboard

- Good battery life

- 8GB RAM + SSD (I have a brand new SSD I can swap in so that isn't an





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