November Meeting

Daniel Sobey dns at
Mon Nov 20 12:42:26 CST 2017

Hello Everyone,

We will be meeting at Tonsley, Tuesday 21th November. Come along for a 6:30
pm start, at the south doors of the Flinders University building, under the
MAB main roof. Look out for the statue of Mathew Flinders. Room G32, the

Paul Schulz will be speaking on "Linux, Cosmic Rays and Art Installations.
This will be a version of the talk that has been accepted for the Linux
Conference Australia, being held in Sydney in January. Paul
(MawsonLakes.Org) wrote the code for the RaspberryPi , which was part of
the detectors built by Robert Hart (HardHack), which were in the Art
Installation created by Darren Curtis (Sacred Resonance).

Bring along $10 for a pizza group order.

See you there.


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