Connecting a HP Server (Brocade) to HP StorageWorks

Paul Schulz paul at
Fri Feb 10 18:21:43 CST 2017

This is to the people on this list who work with higher end fibre channel

I have been handed the following second hand items:
-  a HP Server with a couple of Brocade FibreChannel cards (single port).
It's running Ubuntu 16.04.
- HP StorageWorks - HP M6412A Fibre Channel Drive Enclosure (AG638B)

.. and asked to see if I can get them working together.

The HP StorageWorks came with a couple(2) fibre GBICs (can take 4 for
redundancy), The Brocade cards each take a GBIC but they didn't come with

I can see the Brocade cards listed with the 'lsscsi --hosts'.

We tried using a CopperGBIC cable but it didn't work. I vaguely recall that
Brocade cards are fussy about the GBICs that they accept (firmware IDs are
checked). Does this sound right?

The next step is to purchase GBIC's that work with the Brocade cards, and a
couple of short fibre cables to connect the two.

The good news is that the disk enclosure looks to be JBOD (Just a bunch of
disks) so once connected disk access should be (almost) trivial.

Comments? Thoughts?

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