New STEM Project for low-engagement students

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Sun Feb 5 10:26:04 CST 2017

Thanks Kim,

That's very interesting indeed, as you know I'm crazy about building 
stuff and have lots of ideas for different projects/devices they can 
build, but I feel it's even more important to tap into real things that 
are happening out in the community.

I often work with students who have very challenging behaviors and their 
families often have very limited resources, so school for many is the 
only place they can do something positive or different. I'm very keen to 
tap into community groups and businesses for interesting/alternative 
activities that show disadvantaged students doing positive and high 
status activities. Particularly to counteract the usual negative media 
bashing this community is known. As I feel strongly good self-esteem and 
promoting positive images can go along way to changing lives and how the 
rest of the community view them.

There are some interesting sensors around and can be made to fit in with 
the science curriculum in year 5 to 7 particularly - funny I'd been 
looking at theses devices recently

Carbon Monoxide and Methane levels would be interesing

Also Cosmic Rays and/or gamma radiation, my specialty :) as you know.



On 5/02/2017 8:28 AM, Kim Hawtin wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> On 04/02/17 13:31, Robert Hart wrote:
>> I've got a new STEM/Maker/Hacker project starting this year. I’m wanting
>> your support to identify cool projects, networks with other community
>> groups and sponsors for materials and equipment.
>> I work in a category 1 primary school in the Northern suburbs, this
>> means many students come from families experiencing long-term
>> unemployment, cultural issues, disadvantage and transience. My role has
>> been to work with low-engagement students and last year had some good
>> success re-engaging students using a range of hands-on electrical and
>> electronic projects. The principle, deputy principle and many of the
>> teachers have become wonderful advocates for expanding this across the
>> school and have been asked to support the teachers with a range of
>> STEM/Maker activities.
> Perhaps Project Horus might be some inspiration?
> A couple of weekends ago the AREG flew two more Horus balloons #41 and 
> #42 for the international space university: 
> Something that sparked an interest for me, mentioned in another list, 
> was air and water pollution sensors.
> It would be interesting to fly a payload with pollution and other 
> sensors to measure at different altitudes, to gain a better 
> understanding of our atmosphere.
> There is also a commercial group called Launchbox that engage directly 
> with schools and have a platform for experiments that also fly with 
> Project Horus.
> Some payloads are just logging, some have cameras, some transmit their 
> telemetry in real time. In the past some telemetry systems have been 
> little more than a battery, an arduino, sensors and an SD card.
> If you head along to the next AREG meeting you can talk to most of the 
> Horus crew to get an idea of what is possible. I expect the next 
> meeting will be on the 17th February. For location and more info see 
> the post on the last meeting:
> regards,
> Kim

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