LinuxSA Meeting - Tuesday 16th August

Daniel Sobey dns at
Mon Aug 15 12:27:27 CST 2016

Hello Everyone,

The Third Tuesday is tomorrow, so it is time for this month's linux sa
Currently nothing scheduled but I am happy to talk about something
interesting to me if no one else does.
If anyone can speak for 5-30 minutes on anything sort of related to linux.
* a project you are working on.
* a program you find useful.
* If there is something you would like to know more about suggest a topic
* Anything else, we don't really mind

What? Monthly LinuxSA meeting, held every third Tuesday of the month
excepting December.
Topic? Nothing scheduled but I'm sure we can think of something
Where? Marcellina’s Pizza Restaurant 273 Hindley St (closer to West Tce).
When? Third tuesday of the Month. We tend to start arriving around 6PM,
order at 6:30PM and talks start at 7PM.
Other Info? Marcellina’s is able to cater for most requirements, including
GF, Vegetarian and more – please consult the staff if concerned. The venue
is licensed.
I tend to turn up at 6:30 so there may not be anyone when you arrive,
please stick around and wait.

Always looking for speakers, if you can speak contact me or kim and let us
know what month best suites you.
If you have any suggestions on who to ask please send me thair contact


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