OT - Jobs/accom etc in Cairns/Townsville

Evan Bourlotos evan_lsa at internode.on.net
Wed Sep 24 23:19:31 CST 2014

Hi All
Sorry for the OT but I know we do have some readers from around AU.
I am looking into the possibility of moving to cairns/townsville as my 
daughter is eager to pursue some degrees at JCU and we are considering a 
move as a result (or partial move) , assuming all the givens like atar etc.

Anyway if anyone can share any experience of living/working there and 
what the IT job market is like there. I would appreciate it

I did look at seek and it was very thin. I can get by for a while but I 
think the record for fasting / not showering is about 60 days :)

On or off list is fine if no one objects

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