SeLinux - is it worth it?

Peter Gossner gossner at
Wed Sep 10 07:53:10 CST 2014

On Wed, 10 Sep 2014 03:15:59 +0930
David Lloyd <davidlloyd at> wrote:

> Usually SeLinux stops me from doing what I intended to do and makes
> my systems UNUSABLE as opposed to SECURE.
> If a system is UNUSABLE  it is USELESS.
I was going to say much the same as Kim.
Unusable != Secure. Pretty much grabs it.

Buying into the culture is also a pain.
AppArmor is also um unevenly approached.
I was under the impression that 'Buntu was walking slowly away from it..
but I'm usually wrong about that sort of thing)

Security is not a wallpaper. 
Pasting it on is (self) delusional.
But hey it makes the folks feel better and has some real utility so why
not :)

(sorry my bad and jaded and pre caffeinated)

We do have choice.
You want a secure system drive a toaster.
Else plan on an invasion, even corrosion over time.

-- Pete <gossner at>
Wednesday 10 September  07:43:01 ACST 2014
As long as there are sovereign nations possessing great power, 
war is inevitable.
  --Albert Einstein "Einstein on the Atomic Bomb" 

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