Help with information about demand for Linux certifications?

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Tue Oct 29 15:57:17 CST 2013

Hi all,
Having read the previous replies I would tend to agree with I know Linux 
and here's the proof (10 years sysadmin type proof)

In the context of the original email though it was stated as helping in 
the learning materials for students.

In this context (I assume some form of lead into IT work), I would be 
looking for a recognised certification from a bigname brand such as 
Redhat, Novell.

Not that I think their products are any good but it adds weight to a CV. 
So Perhaps this is a starting place for aiming of content/structure.

In a nutshell most sysadmins should/must be capable of bashing out a 
script and be able to troubleshoot setup servers securely, interface to 
a windows environment etc, if they have been trained to do this then the 
skills a generally acceptable for a junior position as a minimum (I do 
these things so infrequently I spend half my time in the help).

Anyway as an employer as the others have said any Linux savi employer 
would look past the certs very quickly and get down to brass tacks of 
experience. FI they were were looking for a trainee/junior then training 
is the next best thing to experience. For students entering the 
workforce the certificate is a foot in the door for someone. I would 
sooner employ someone with the above certs as a junior admin to work on 
our Ubuntu servers than someone who has been hacking around at home 
(like I have).

A quick google search suggests most people denigrate the certifications, 
but the days of coming in without anything I believe are long gone.  
This is the demand employers place as a point of difference, and 
generally it is this which gets you to the interview stage.

Good luck Jackie!

Just my thoughts,

On 29/10/2013 12:39 PM, Jackie Brooks wrote:
> Hi all
> Just testing the waters here in regards to Linux certifications.
> Is there currently a demand in the IT Industry in Adelaide (or 
> Australia) for Linux certifications and if so which one/s?
> I am currently developing some learning material for students and want 
> to align it with a certification path but not which one will be most 
> in demand by employers.
> Hope someone can help :-)
> Kind regards,
> Jackie Brooks

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