Help with information about demand for Linux certifications?

Tomasz Grzegurzko tomasz89 at
Tue Oct 29 13:00:25 CST 2013

Hi Jackie,

On 29 October 2013 12:39, Jackie Brooks <Jackie.Brooks at> wrote:
> Is there currently a demand in the IT Industry in Adelaide (or Australia)
> for Linux certifications and if so which one/s?

I can't say it has ever been important to be Linux certified in any
job that I've had and I think it has to do with the community nature
of Linux. In any employer Linux-environment, they have at least one
person who knows enough to ask a few questions.. The certificates may
help to get past the sifting of CVS to get to the interview stage but
I've not personally seen evidence of this.

As an employer, I'd be more included to look for someone who is a
"hacker" or just generally enthusiastic about the technology we're
doing -- it tends to imply that when you hit the weird problems that
you do in software/IT, you'll have someone who will dig and ferret
around (on the Internet, using the needed tools on the Linux box, etc)
and get to the bottom of it. Tertiary students have an advantage here
as I've observed they have a better ability to research and attempt to
solve their own problems, and subsequently remember the
fixes/resolutions without always resorting to immediately asking a
colleague when the answer may be evident.

The technologies involved will bear a part to play - someone with
networking/sockets programming knowledge is useful in a networked
application environment, someone who has played with a Raspberry Pi
might indicate an interest in embedded too (boot loaders, kernel, core
OS concepts, etc..), and so on. This is what I'd go off when looking
at candidates and talking to them.

Happy to hear if someone else has found a certificate to be the main
reason for the job.
Certainly, I've turned down MS certified people as when questioned
they really knew nothing about the specifics of the area they were
"certified" in!


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