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Ian ilox11 at
Tue Oct 8 20:48:29 CST 2013

As one of those who learned much of what I knew about Linux from a Friday
night trip to David's place I well recognise what a powerhouse of shared
knowledge it was. Paul Mullins and I made the trip (from Salisbury) fairly
regularly and many is the Friday night that became Saturday morning before
we left.

It was from the friendships made that we got together to do a CD
distribution service. It started well but didn't get the legs that we
thought it might have but it started at the grass roots so it was all good.

I believe there are a number of people who like Grant and David would be
able to through their business card on the table and provide a professional
service with the focus on a flavour of 'nix rather than Gates-ware.

To those folks who could provide help to form an ad hoc list of service
providers on here I would say go for it, this isn't 'just' a user list. For
starters how would you define a 'user' with the extremely varied
backgrounds all of us have?

My tuppence worth anyway.
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