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Brenda Aynsley bpa at
Mon Oct 7 16:32:40 CST 2013

On 07/10/13 08:57, Pat Clark wrote:
> A number of my friends have been asking me about linux as they get
> worried over the demise of MS XP. Especially as they are hearing more
> about MS turning into a closed system and they want to be able to do
> what they like with their machines.
> I show them my system and they get interested. The next step is to point
> them to a shop/person who can sell them suitable hardware and help them
> get set up if necessary.
> I've just been trying to find such businesses/people on the net but only
> high-end providers appear to be listed.
> I'd like to have a list that will show them where to go and shop in SA.
> If a list is not available, maybe we could start one here. Or if this is
> not deemed correct to put on this list, then please email me personally.
> Pat

Hi Pat

I run a volunteer group that provides donated hardware to low income 
members of the community and community groups on behalf of the 
Australian Computer Society Inc.  Our website is at

We supply older second hand laptops, desktops and towers to those who 
qualify (usually those on some form of centrelink benefit) and the 
software is a mix of MS operating systems (XP - less so now, and mostly 
Windows 7 Professional) as a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and linux 
in the form of ubuntu LTS editions.  Our prices range from $80 to $200.

We also run a computer club on tuesday and thursday morning at our 
Branch office in Kent Town again usually for pensioners and migrants and 
mostly on windows systems and android or mac tablets but there's no 
reason why it cannot include the ubuntu desktop too.

We aren't fanatical about anything except people having usable computers 
that can support them in doing what they need or want to do, eg online 
shopping, banking, communication - facebook, tweet, skype etc, writing, 
printing et al and provide a range of open source software to facilitate 
it including firefox thunderbird, libreoffice, mtp (linux), irfanview 
(windows) and all the usual productivity stuff including virus 
protection et al.

If you want to follow up to discuss if this is of interest to your 
friends please do.


Brenda Aynsley, Co-convenor, ACS PC Recycling Group
Office: 54 King William St Kent Town SA
Postal: PO Box 333 Fullarton SA 5063
Mobile:+61(0) 412 662 988 || Phone: 08 7127 1581 (leave message)
Skype: callto://baynsley  || callto://acspcrecsig
Public hours are Tuesdays 2-7pm, other times by arrangement only
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