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Evan Bourlotos evan_lsa at
Mon Oct 7 12:24:21 CST 2013

Hi List
In reference to Pat's email.
Given the depth of expertise in this list I doubt I could offer a 10th 
of the expertise but I would like to put a couple of comments across.
Having lived in the windows space for a good part my professional life I 
am not surprised as to the lack of take off with *nix based OS in the 
residential/business world.

This is i think the main reason you do not see a lot of *nix people that 
are commonly accessible. The *nix experts in this list would all be able 
to offer what is required no doubt but most refrain any commercial 
gestures but perhaps this list should in some way promote in a 
semi-commercial sense or commercial sense all the talent of  
people/organisations using *nix. Perhaps a portal of some form Linux 
Yellow Pages for instance, promoting Linux showcasing it even with 
people/organisations that can provide others with what is needed.

I dont know and at which point I get lazy.

Also, I think we all agree generally OSX a BSD based system is nice 
enough yet isnt that much better than some really nicely organised 
distros the reason everyone wants OSX is because it is sold as being 
easy, my daughter prefers it to windows and with the ubiquity of the 
other apple gear I am not surprised the OSX based systems do quite well 
in the residential space.

Also FWIW I also do a bit of weekend work (mainly for beer or free as i 
have very full weekends) in trying to help people/organisations with 
their needs. I find the resistance to change disappointing and people's 
perception of things IT naive yet they can drive an IPAD like a F1 driver.

I of late lean towards kubuntu as distro of choice but perhaps that is 
the real problem too many choices which confuses people.


On 7/10/2013 8:57 AM, Pat Clark wrote:
> A number of my friends have been asking me about linux as they get
> worried over the demise of MS XP. Especially as they are hearing more
> about MS turning into a closed system and they want to be able to do
> what they like with their machines.
> I show them my system and they get interested. The next step is to point
> them to a shop/person who can sell them suitable hardware and help them
> get set up if necessary.
> I've just been trying to find such businesses/people on the net but only
> high-end providers appear to be listed.
> I'd like to have a list that will show them where to go and shop in SA.
> If a list is not available, maybe we could start one here. Or if this is
> not deemed correct to put on this list, then please email me personally.
> Pat

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