Help to find linux specialists

Pat Clark weedbane at
Mon Oct 7 08:57:33 CST 2013

A number of my friends have been asking me about linux as they get 
worried over the demise of MS XP. Especially as they are hearing more 
about MS turning into a closed system and they want to be able to do 
what they like with their machines.

I show them my system and they get interested. The next step is to point 
them to a shop/person who can sell them suitable hardware and help them 
get set up if necessary.
I've just been trying to find such businesses/people on the net but only 
high-end providers appear to be listed.

I'd like to have a list that will show them where to go and shop in SA.

If a list is not available, maybe we could start one here. Or if this is 
not deemed correct to put on this list, then please email me personally.


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