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Hi Spyro,

On Wed, May 29, 2013, at 01:03 AM, Spyro Polymiadis wrote:

Hi folks,

I have a python file querying a database to return a list of paths with
output like:









which is stored in a variable called 'paths'

How is it possible for me to go through the list – and remove all the
entries with "subfolders"

And only leave me with the "top level" 'folder' path?

#!/usr/bin/env python

def remove_subfolders(folders, sep='/'):

    """Remove folders from that list that are descendants of other


    folders -- List of path strings. E.g. ['/some/folder',

    sep     -- Path separator. Default: '/'

    Return a new list with the descendant folders removed.


    folders_set = set(folders)

    filtered_folders = []

    for folder in folders:

        parts = folder.split(sep)

        is_descendant = False

        for num_parts in range(1, len(parts)):

            sub_path = sep.join(parts[:num_parts])

            if sub_path in folders_set:

                is_descendant = True


        if not is_descendant:


    return filtered_folders

input_folders = [











filtered_folders = remove_subfolders(input_folders)

print filtered_folders

assert filtered_folders == ['/path/to/folder',





What would be nicer is if there is an option I can add to my select
statement in postgres to only return the right folders.

That sounds tough, since the check for each row would depend on every
other row, and what it needs to check is variable length (in terms of
path components).

Any ideas welcome :)






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