Alternatives to SBS, Re: More Windows Servers vs. Linux Servers in Adelaide? FACT or FUD?

Mike O'Connor mike at
Thu May 23 22:03:49 CST 2013

Hi All

I've tried most of the products which claim to replace exchange in the
enterprise, NON of them really do the job.  This comment is from the
enterprise point of view, business people just expect it all to work.

There is one product I've not tried as yet, its 'SoGu'
( its interesting because it uses
'OpenChange' ( which allows Outlook to
directly connect without using a MAPI program on the PC.

This may just be the solution to all the issues I've been having with
these products.


On 23/05/13 2:44 PM, David Drury wrote:
> Lotus and GroupWise both do good products in the purchasable field.
>, Yahoo and Google all do collaboration in the free hosted field,
> but some people want to own their own server. Whether it's a valid argument
> or not, they want to point at a piece of hardware and say "I feel safe as
> all my data is in front of me and I control it" even though safe is a
> relative word.
> As I said I think the mobile/tablet/cloud world will blow away traditional
> servers. Microsoft isn't even making an SBS2012, they want you to go to
> Office 360. I think a small office will go cloud with a NAS for file sharing
> of large files in the future. Microsoft will still want you to by Windows so
> you can integrate your directory to Office 360, but I'm sure there will be
> ample room for Linux NAS products, and still integrate with cloud solution
> of your choice.
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