More Windows Servers vs Linux Servers in Adelaide? FACT or FUD?

Glen Turner gdt at
Thu May 23 09:15:15 CST 2013

On 22/05/13 23:15, Ian wrote:

> According to him the Microsoft spokes-lady claimed that now over 70% of
> the business servers in Adelaide are running on Windows Server software.

That would be correct. But it's cherry-picking:
 - business
 - server located in Adelaide.

My response would have been

 - business isn't where computing happens these days. It happens
   in the hand and in the cloud, and Windows has a pitiful
   presence in both. The whole idea of a "business server" is
   increasingly outdated.

 - more Adelaide business people use Linux servers located outside of
   Adelaide than use Windows servers in Adelaide. Her statement is
   simply a reflection of Adelaide having expensive electricity,
   and thus no large scale computer centres. It isn't a statement
   about the pros and cons of an operating system.

 - most Adelaide businesses use Linux, it's just so successful
   and ubiquitous they don't know it. Half the phones in the
   room, the building management system, the vending machine,
   the Samsung TV, the ADSL modem. It's interesting that the
   expensive to own, difficult to maintain item runs Windows,
   but the cheap and easy to use items run Linux.

 - there's a reason these companies are still small businesses.
   Not one hugely successful IT startup uses Windows as its
   platform, and hasn't done so for a decade.


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