More Windows Servers vs Linux Servers in Adelaide? FACT or FUD?

Martin Ebourne lists at
Thu May 23 00:01:09 CST 2013

On Wed, 2013-05-22 at 23:15 +0930, Ian wrote:
> Heard from a friend that attended tonight's Leader bash and in
> particular the Windows 8 talks. Apparently there was some spirited
> discussion going between the speaker and guests about Linux and
> Windows 8 but one thing my friend reported sounded more like FEAR to
> me (FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real).
> According to him the Microsoft spokes-lady claimed that now over 70%
> of the business servers in Adelaide are running on Windows Server
> software.
> It just doesn't sound right to me so I am putting this question out to
> you folks who might know what the real answer is likely to be.

As the others have said no doubt they can define "business server" to
mean anything to make that fit.

If we defined it to mean "a server that is owned/run by a business" ie.
excluding home users etc then maybe it is or isn't true in Adelaide. If
it is then Adelaide would be well behind the curve as I'm sure it
wouldn't be true of cities such as London and New York where there are
huge datacentres full of 10s or 100s of thousands of mostly unix/linux


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