Air-Stream Members Meeting 25th July - Special Guest Speaker

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Anyone is welcome to attend an Air-stream Wireless Meeting and entry is 


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Air-Stream Members Meeting

7:30 PM - Wednesday 25th July 2012

Guest Speaker Mitch Kelly - WAFreeNet.Org <http://WAFreeNet.Org>

The West Australian Wireless Freenet is a community group, similar to 
Air-Stream, that aims to form a state-wide, free wireless computer 
network utilising the public frequency bands in the 900Mhz and 5Ghz 
spectrum. Mitch is heavily involved with all aspects of the WAFreeNet, 
maintaining many of the nodes crucial to the network’s operation. Expect 
some interesting discussion around the differences and synergies between 
our fantastic community networks.

Come along and WIN a TP-Link Nano Router WR702N !!

* Network Report
More than 100 active Air-Stream nodes!
Updates: Northfield, Pasadena 2, Melrose Park, EARC, 5 GHz sector proposal.

* ASLAN 24 Review
Next LAN: 15th September 2012

* New Air-Stream Website !!
Join us for a brief training session and a look at the new features.

Have Your Say!

Monthly member meetings provide the perfect opportunity to discuss 
upcoming project plans and funding allocation with members of the 
network team.
Come along and share your insights with the group!

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