Installing Linux on Toshiba Portege 3480CT Notebook

Brenda Aynsley bpa at
Mon Jul 16 21:40:25 CST 2012

On 15/07/12 20:29, Grant Petch wrote:

> reinstalled it into the Portege Notebook.  To me this seems rather
> labour intensive, do any of you guys/girls able to offer me any further
> assistance with this issue?
> Thanks for getting back to me about this, any help would be greatly
> appreciated.

hi grant

I have to say that given the spec of this notebook, it's just not worth 
the effort to do anything other than leave win98 on it and let the kids 
play with games on it.  Even then i suspect the kids' level of 
sophistication is such that they would not want to. :(

With so little ram and a p3 processor, the user experience is not going 
to be good.  There are plenty of p4 laptops around for a song that are 
worth doing something with and will provide a much better experience.

I base my comments on having played over the years in pc recycling group 
with such machines and being decidedly not happy with the result


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