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Stephen Granger viper233 at
Thu Jul 5 11:15:07 CST 2012

Depends what you want sort of ticketing you want. Will be overkill for
most situations and is a mongrel to configure and runs off Java
(tomcat) so the hatters are going to reject it on that and it's kinda
a resource hog too :D I'm really not selling it...

But when it comes down to it, it works great has features you don't
even know you'll need. If you aren't using version control heavily and
are developing services and solutions in house it's great.

If you are working with a lot of remote entities with different
systems it is overkill though if you are thinking along the lines of
bugzilla, redmine, trac it could be a good option.

On 3 July 2012 06:22, Mike Trewartha <miketrewartha at> wrote:
> In my last months at Adam Internet I implemented OTRS (open ticket request system) which is a perl based ticketing system strongly focused on the ITIL framework. It is very feature rich and customizable. It can connect to a mailbox and process emails as tickets, and assign them to staff for actioning. Or you can provide a portal for customers to connect to to create tickets.
> There is also AD/LDAP integration or you can use a custom database too (rather than the built in one) for your staff and customer details.
> (P.S. John, a heavily customized Total ISP was still running when I left too :P )
> Good luck.
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> On 03/07/2012, at 8:21 PM, Piers Rowan <piers.rowan at> wrote:
>> What sort of Linux support / ticket email servers or plugins do you use?
>> We are using a shared mail box and I want better ticket management system.
>> What do you recommend?
>> Cheers
>> P
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