Email Support Ticket Server - pref web interface

Kim Hawtin kim at
Wed Jul 4 12:39:26 CST 2012

On 04/07/12 08:20, John Edwards wrote:
> RT doesn't look like a good choice, but its long heritage
 > means that someone has probably solved your problem before,
 > or even written a book about it. It's practically a de-facto
 > standard for ticketing.

We use RT. Its been reliable, does the whole email response things for 
folks that don't have accounts in RT. Also email queues are very handy. 
We use the LDAP auth and other plugins for FAQs and calendaring.

3.8 is in Debian/Stable, however we moved to 4.0 to get some newer 
plugins. Ours uses postgresql on the backend.

I've heard plenty about Trac, but we didn't want to be messing with PHP...

Also if you tinker with Ruby, you might want to look at RedMine. A few 
folks have deployed it for some complex FLOSS projects;



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