Email Support Ticket Server - pref web interface

Thomas Sprinkmeier thomas.sprinkmeier at
Wed Jul 4 09:38:16 CST 2012

On 3 July 2012 20:21, Piers Rowan <piers.rowan at> wrote:
> What sort of Linux support / ticket email servers or plugins do you use?
> We are using a shared mail box and I want better ticket management system.
> What do you recommend?

We use trac. Quick and simple so set up, wiki, SVN integration
(starting to play with GIT also), have a script to create new

If you haven't used a ticketing system before I figure trac is as good as any.
If nothing else it helps you learn what questions to ask when you get
a 'real' one :-)

I had GPLi set up, mainly for inventory but it also has a ticketing
system. Looked nice but I never got the chance to play with it.

Used to use Bugzilla (nicer tickets IMO, but not integrated with SVN
(or at least not when we used it))
I liked the MySQL back-end, being able to script changes to tickets etc.

Also running Jira here for a project or two. Haven't used it myself.


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