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Tue Jul 3 22:52:25 CST 2012

In my last months at Adam Internet I implemented OTRS (open ticket request system) which is a perl based ticketing system strongly focused on the ITIL framework. It is very feature rich and customizable. It can connect to a mailbox and process emails as tickets, and assign them to staff for actioning. Or you can provide a portal for customers to connect to to create tickets. 
There is also AD/LDAP integration or you can use a custom database too (rather than the built in one) for your staff and customer details. 

(P.S. John, a heavily customized Total ISP was still running when I left too :P )

Good luck. 

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On 03/07/2012, at 8:21 PM, Piers Rowan <piers.rowan at> wrote:

> What sort of Linux support / ticket email servers or plugins do you use?
> We are using a shared mail box and I want better ticket management system.
> What do you recommend?
> Cheers
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