Tip: Clone CentOS / RPM based machines

Glen Turner gdt at gdt.id.au
Sun Jul 1 17:36:51 CST 2012

A related trick is to list all the packages you want install in a RPM
.spec file as dependencies.

Then to customise the machine to the site's requirements you copy that
package to the machine and say

  yum localinstall example-packages.1.01.rpm

and that will pull in all of the packages.

You can also have packages which configure dependent packages, this can
be handy for setting up things like wireless access.

At a big site you set up a repository, using rpmfusion as a model, and
also provide PXE for the OS install. You can use puppet to manage the
non-BYOD machines.

Generally if you are stuffing about with disk images with Linux you are
doing it wrong. We generally run up another physical machine in about
20m (for PXE boot, OS install, yum update, puppet configuration). By not
using an image we don't have a huge amount of difficulty tracking vendor
machines, but simply buy the best value on offer.

Glen Turner   www.gdt.id.au/~gdt

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