Win2000-XP and prizes

Grant Petch gpcs at
Mon Dec 27 11:50:14 CST 2010

Hi Brian:
Yes, most new purchases will come with the Windows software
pre-installed, mainly Windows 7, with some Vista & XP.  You also usually
get a recovery CD of some description in most cases, or an option within
the system to create one.  We all know that Windows Vista is a bag of
rubbish (to be put politely).

What brand, make, model, etc. is your multifunction device?

My advice to save headaches mainly with incompatability issues with
associated drivers & software suites (inc control apps), etc. is to head
directly to the manufacturers website and download the required software
for the applicable Windows OS, there is usually one available for each
OS, but some are grouped together, so you should be able to download the
one that you need.  Don't try to install the wrong one on the wrong OS
or you will have problems (yes, I've been there and done that!)

Anyway hope that this information will find you well.  All the best for
the remainder of the Festive Season & also for the New Year in 2011.


> Grant,
> It seems you no longer purchase a Win OS, but accept a pre-installed  
> package.  ie I don't seem to be able to purchase a software upgrade from  
> Win2000 to XP.  This is very frustrating because I only need the upgrade  
> to install control apps allowing my new multifunction to scan.
> Can you help?
> As a special inducement  :D  I have a number of accessories/books which  
> might be helpful to you (C and C++ refs) or to your outdated clients (old  
> DOS/Win stuff) to which you would be most welcome.
> How say you?
> Lord Brian of Birkenhead

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