[OT] How long? (Repair related question)

Grant Petch gpcs at internode.on.net
Sat Dec 11 10:50:51 CST 2010

It would depend upon what tools that they have available to work with.
I had a friend (he died a couple of years ago) who worked in IT &
Electronics and he had such equipment but advised me AGAINST purchasing
it due to the high costs involved with purchasing it, along with some of
the gear being hard to locate to buy.  It was going to cost several
hundreds of dollars, with some equipment creeping into the thousands,
such smaller businesses just don't have the money to buy it, hence we
have to manually diagnose which takes longer.  However financial
donations to assist with buying it would be welcomed!  Motherboard
issues are fairly complex to diagnose, so again its hard to put an exact
time frame as a whole, but I personally deal with them on a case by case
situation as they come in from clients.

Yes, if smaller businesses had the right tools and had piles of money to
throw at purchasing them, the diagnosis of these types of issues could
be resolved much quicker & promptly.

Any further ideas on this issue would be welcomed :)


On Fri, 2010-12-10 at 21:14 +1030, David WOLVERTON wrote:
> Greets all,
> I have an older P4 3.2Ghz Pentium with an average configuration for
> that era and it appears either the motherboard or power supply have
> died.
> How long should it take the average professional (either shop or home
> trader) to diagnose which of the two has died and swap the one that's
> not working out - using everything that's still working?
> I'm thinking an hour providing they have the right tools - does that
> sound fair?
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