PC for $370

Piers Rowan piers.rowan at recruitonline.com.au
Thu Dec 9 20:32:17 CST 2010

Hi there!

I don't normally get into PC prices but I thought that many of you would 
be in a similar position.

I had a couple of disks lying around and a monitor / kbd / mse and my 
work laptop was getting slow.

I just picked up AMD 64 with 4 cores / 2 GB RAM / Motherboard / 1GB 
video card / Case / PSU for $370. Sure they are parts but its taken me 
about 1/2 hour to build a PC.

Am I getting old or is $370 a good price for a new PC sans disks + video 

PM me if you want to know the where (I don't have anything to do with 
the company).



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