New here and a programming problem

l m lau_l99 at
Wed Dec 8 19:37:30 CST 2010

Gday all,

My name is Laurence and I am new to the mailing list, but I have been to one meeting before (albeit, some time ago!)

Well, I have having a bit of difficulty with a c program I am writing. I have an Freescale embedded board (own design) that I have been working on for a little while. I have it connected to my linux machine over serial and I am splitting 16 bit variables into 2 bytes on the embedded end and transmitting in bulk, over serial to my linux machine. I am using this to send out contents of various variables - ie ADC, etc, so I can see whats a happening on the embedded side of things. This whole bit works ok..
my problem is: now that I have a few variables getting sent, 1 line in the terminal just does not cut it anymore.. I want to basically get a 'page' of continually updating variables displayed in the terminal instead of a scrolling one line list. I have experimented with a couple of different ways - clearing the screen on each iteration and ncurses. Currently, there is no set time for the updates - I just have a while loop cutting sick recieving (serial), reconstructiong and printing the variables.. Every way I try, it winds up being ummm.. blinky? flashy!!? Its hard to describe, but it is not a nice redraw and I really cant read what is going on.
Phew! What a short story! I am hoping there are a couple of other embedded programmers out there who have come across this, or can even point me in other directions for displaying this (hopefully) useful data. 
That and I would like to head to a meeting and say gday!

Anyway, apologies for my 1st post being huge. Thanks a lot,

Laurence McLean


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