Linux In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

Mathew Pole mathew at
Fri Dec 3 13:15:49 CST 2010

Grant Perch wrote:
> Also reading from the MeeGo website it appears that this software is
> designed to work with the Intel Atom chipsets, particularly the Z530
> processor, hence also quoting from their website; "CPU: 32 bit Intel
> Atom* or Intel Core* 2 CPU (support for SSSE3)
> Note: MeeGo will not work on non-SSSE3 CPUs" - does this mean that it
> won't work with standard Intel Pentium 3 or 4 processors? It also
> tends to contradict itself about support with the Intel SSSE3
> processors.

MeeGo works on ARM as Nokia N900 (Maemo) is being used as a reference platform.

> Hardware wise what can I use that would be cost effective, also 7"
> touch screens are quite expensive, could I use something like a 5",
> which might be more cost effective?

A novel feature of the N900 is tv-out, so you could add a 7" screen.


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