Linux In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

Grant Petch gpcs at
Fri Dec 3 01:01:58 CST 2010

Hi All:
Thanks in advance for your help, comments, suggestions, useful ideas,
etc. any of which will be greatly appreciated.

Currently I'm looking into Linux IVI platforms, and wouldn't mind to
have a play around and perhaps make something up on a cost effective
budget if possible.

So far I've come across the MeeGo project which is the merging of both
Moblin & Maemo.  Is there any others out there?  Yes I have done some
Googling and have come across the following;
1) Genivi; from Nokia and based on MeeGo
2) Wind River; based on Moblin (now MeeGo)

The hardware that MeeGo has tested upon is "One of the officially
supported boards is the “Russellville” platform from the Congatec IVI
Development Kit" - however at $2500 this is way over the top and out of
my price range.

Also reading from the MeeGo website it appears that this software is
designed to work with the Intel Atom chipsets, particularly the Z530
processor, hence also quoting from their website; "CPU: 32 bit Intel
Atom* or Intel Core* 2 CPU (support for SSSE3)
Note: MeeGo will not work on non-SSSE3 CPUs" - does this mean that it
won't work with standard Intel Pentium 3 or 4 processors?  It also tends
to contradict itself about support with the Intel SSSE3 processors.

Hardware wise what can I use that would be cost effective, also 7" touch
screens are quite expensive, could I use something like a 5", which
might be more cost effective?

Surely with the dropping prices of hardware can come up with something
for a reasonable price - maybe around the $500 - $800 mark all up??

I also know that John Oxer was playing around with in-car stuff at the
LCA 2009 in Hobart, but don't know if he still does, or if he is even on
this mailing list.


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