lowish power linux box suggestions

Christopher Yeoh cyeoh at ozlabs.org
Fri Nov 6 08:43:21 CST 2009

On Fri, 6 Nov 2009 02:47:14 +1030
"Phil Tann" <phil at philtann.com> wrote:
> Have you considered a SSD for your OS drive and have the storage
> drives spin down when idle?  This is how my home server is set up
> (you will need a decent raid card to control the storage drives
> though is the only catch.

Have thought about it - have you done any quantative measurements on how
much power you save using an SSD? This review although its a bit old
seems to imply that you won't necessarily save much at all:


I think for a low power front end an ssd would be handy to get really
fast boot times, though if consumption is ~5W like with a FitPC I'd
probably just leave it on :-)


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> Hi,
> I'm trying to cut down on my base electricity usage and I was
> wondering if anyone had suggestions for hardware for a low power file
> & mythtv backend server. It'll only really be doing:
> - mythtv backend (need 2-3 pci-e slots)
> - file serving (idle a lot of the time though, but want room for 1-2
>   disks)
> - asterisk (just home use)
> So it doesn't need much cpu grunt at all and can run headless. Its
> idle a lot of the time, but I can't really have it suspend itself
> because of asterisk.
> My current setup is way overpowered and consumes about 200W even after
> turning off one of the cores and removing the video card. I'd like to
> get down to around 50W though am not sure that is possible with two
> HDs.
> Any suggestions?
> Chris

cyeoh at ozlabs.org

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