Linux patent battle lines drawn

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> TomTom a maker of portable GPS car navigation systems, is the target, with
> the Redmond behemoth claiming alleged violation of eight patents in all,
> three of which are related to TomTom's Linux kernel.
It never ceases to disgust me the practices that Microsoft engage in..

Apparently they've been trying to get tomtom to license the patents from
them for 12months but tomtom have refused..

I noticed in some of the variations on that article in people's comments
there were references to TomTo previously suing the manufacturer of
Toyota/GM/Audi/etc's incar navigation for patent infringements. They also
sued Garmin and settled out of court not too long ago.

Half the world's business practice just seems to be a big spiral of everyone
suing everyone. As much as you've got to feel for TomTom.. it seems like
they're in the business of perpetuating software patents too.

Next people will be patenting story ideas such as  "A story about a
protagonist that saves the world and falls in love". I've seen much more
ambiguous and broader software patents.

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