weird problem with display

Daniel Mateos daniel at
Fri Feb 20 18:44:48 CST 2009

Not sure how related this is but i get a similar problem with twin view
dual 22" monitors on a nvidia 9600 card where the right display blanks
for about 1 second about 10 or so times a day.

Using Gnome also, not KDE.


Romana Challans wrote:
> Hi all,
> overwrote a clean ubuntu install on a desktop with a kubuntu install,
> and weirdly,both the cd & the install have same problem - the screen
> blanks and comes back to display every 40 seconds or so. typing done
> during the blank registers, so i am not losing anything but display
> for second r so. it is doing my head in. interestingly,on cd, only
> happened on kde desktop, not during actual install, and ubuntu desktop
> seemed fine. so kde issue.
> cant seem to find anything relevant on google.
> am wondering if a dodgy wireless card could cause this?
> suggests issue with freezing, but not the screen blanking
> weirdness.the ubuntu install was done prior to card being inserted,
> but worked after card put in (card didnt though, thats another
> journey:)  )
> will try without a wifi card tonight, but wondering in meantime if
> anyone has seen similar?
> i swear, i get the odd video issues:)
> tia, r:)
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