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Nicely integrated tool based on Nagios and others. 


GPCS - Grant Petch writes: 

> Hi Everyone:
> I've been considering some sort of network monitoring system for one of my
> clients, which has Ubuntu Server running as a proxy, firewall & gateway
> server, 3x Windows XP PC's & the majority of the PC's are running Ubuntu
> Desktop 8.04LTS.
> Currently I have been looking into Nagios - but their compile from source
> code is rather scary for someone like me who has minimal commandline skills,
> hence is there something that just works out of the box to speak of that
> would be nice and simple to setup, configure, etc.?
> Where I am coming from is that I have some spare hardware floating around,
> not to menion a couple of complete PC's, one of which could become some sort
> of dedicated system that could be used as a dedicated network monitoring
> system, the systems in question is a P3 500MHz, 64MB SDRAM (this can be
> upgraded to more) & 10GB Hard Drive, the other far better system is a
> Pentium 4 2.8GHz, 512MB DDR RAM (this too can be upgraded to more) & 40GB
> Hard Drive.
> Perhaps is there a distro with network monitoring already on it that will
> just work out of the box?  I am not after it to do overly complicated tasks,
> basically to just provide me with some further information about the
> network, so that it can be managed more efficetively & efficiently. 
> Any ideas on the above would be greatly appreciated. 
> Kind Regards:
> Grant :) 
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