Sharing a modem across a network

Kim Hawtin kim.hawtin at
Mon Feb 16 09:14:27 CST 2009

Matt Magin wrote:
> Kim, you say tongue-in-cheek, but that's got possibilities. We're currently
> running a Mitel VOIP system and they provide an API, so I may be able to
> hook into that. Cheers.

I suggest it because I have seen it in action =)

Just no idea how to set it up right now, been some time since I've
tinkered with asterix.

>>> So does anybody know a way I can connect /dev/modem to a remote modem?
>> Perhaps a little tongue in cheek, but is it possible to use VoIP and
>> asterix?
>> All your VM guest servers connect over VoIP to an asterix box that has a
>> real modem&|fax on it... ?


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