Sharing a modem across a network

Cameron Simpson cs at
Fri Feb 13 21:35:45 CST 2009

On 13Feb2009 17:24, Daryl Tester <dt-linuxsa at> wrote:
| Cameron Simpson wrote:
| > On 13Feb2009 14:24, Matt Magin <matt.azmoo at> wrote:
| >> I need to do it this way because the software does the dialling and talking
| >> to the modem itself and will only talk to /dev/modem (the software sucks).
| >> So does anybody know a way I can connect /dev/modem to a remote modem?
| > Well you could:
| >   - replace /dev/modem with a UNIX socket
| >   - write a small daemon in eg python to listen on the socket,
| >     open an ssh connection to a host with a real modem,
| >     copy data
| Alas, the app software won't be able to talk to /dev/modem if it's not
| a regular looking device.  open(3) and friend will bork.

Um, yes, good point. I guess you could make a pseudotty pair and make
/dev/modem a symlink to the slave, with a daemon on the master. And it
would have the advantage of looking like a character device, too.
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