Sharing a modem across a network

Matt Magin matt.azmoo at
Fri Feb 13 16:38:16 CST 2009

We're using ESX Server 3.5. There are no serial ports (IBM Blade Array), but
each blade has a USB port. I'm pretty sure we can't map that to the guest

On Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 3:17 PM, Andrew Pam <xanni at> wrote:

> Matt Magin wrote:
> > I have found myself in a bit of an unfortunate position. We are
> > migrating all of our servers onto VMware but several of them require a
> > dial-up modem to allow them to send faxes. There are no serial or USB
> > interfaces into the guest OS so we can't directly attach a modem.
> That depends which version of VMware you're using.  Several versions do
> support both serial ports and USB.
> Andrew
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