(HELP!) Cisco switch configuration

Chris Bennett chris at cgb1911.mine.nu
Tue Feb 10 08:21:52 CST 2009

Gday there,

> I cannot figgure out what I'm supposed to be doing.  Yes, I've read the 
> manual.  Yes I have a Console Cable.  Yes, I have hooked it up.  Yes, I've 
> logged in succesfully - no I can't figgure out what to do/how to do it from 
> there.

In case you havn't spoken to anyone between late last night, and this
morning...... :)

If you've logged in successfully, that is good.  Is the configuration
reset to factory defaults?  If not:
  # write erase
  # reload
  (wait for reboot)

On reboot, you'll be prompted with a question:
  Continue with confirmation dialog? [yes/no]:

This 'wizard' will let you assign basic configuration details
(hostname, ip address information, passwords).

I found the 'Quick Start Guide' for the 3500 series:

That'll repeat what I've just suggested plus a little more (and pretty

Good luck, and feel free to email if you have any further specific
questions or stumbling blocks.


Chris Bennett (cgb)

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