Raid5 LVM - tips on OS change/upgrade.

Nick Sharp at
Wed Feb 4 13:26:30 CST 2009

Thanks for the quick response Adam, can I just clarify a couple of points
(we have over 3Tb on these lvms we cannot loose so excuse the paranoia!)

You said:
> It sounds like you're doing some fancy stuff with a hardware RAID
> controller which will simply give you a single disk to detect.  

Is this the same if each raid controller presents two drives to the OS which
are then LVM'd?

One more question:
Is there is no need to vgexport either LVM before the re-install?

All things above being good, our newly formed plan is;

-Shutdown & remove hw raid controllers (our paranoia in action!)
-Swap current md0 drives for new hdds (to at least keep the old install
-Install w raid1 debian etch and check all booting etc.
-Re-introduce one raid controller (w smaller lvm on it ~ 1Tb) and test
mounting - we can afford to loose this bit of data for a short period as its
only an offsite backup)
-if all ok, shutdown and add other controller and mount
-pray to the gods of linux then find Adam and buy him a beer (or something
else if he doesnt drink beer)

Sound ok?


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