Green Text

David Lloyd lloy0076 at
Mon Jan 14 22:48:00 CST 2008


> On the weekend they suffered a 3hr blackout down in general area of Victor
> Harbor, the UPS did its thing by keeping the server alive for a short time
> before the APC UPS software kicked in to cleanly shut the server down.  This
> process was successful, however the server didn't repower itself back up
> again as it doesn't have this option available in BIOS, so the server was
> powered up manually during a tech support call.  I went down to check on the
> server earlier on today only to find out that the text was green instead of
> white during the system start-up and remained green once the system had
> finished loading up, yes I did check the monitor on another desktop system
> nearby and the monitor is functioning correctly and displaying white text
> during the system start-up process - so the monitor isn't faulty.

I think you're saying that the monitor connects to a video card in the 
machine. Not that you connect a specialised terminal to the serial port...

If this is the case, does replacing the offending video card make a 
difference (i.e. try replacing the video card)?


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