Eee PC: OS? Xandros, Ubuntu or...?

Ian ilox11 at
Sat Jan 5 12:31:49 CST 2008

Thanks very much Romana, that site has a wealth of information. If I
was to go over to Ubuntu (IF SWMBO allows me to get the beast) then
that site would see me working under Ubuntu in a short time.

I liked this point:
"Overclocking the system is what allows the EeePC to run at the
advertized 900MHz, vs the 630MHz/675MHz that it actually runs at. I
have my machine overclocked and I have not seen any ill effects.
Again, this is for experienced users only. Use this at your own risk."

Other info on reducing writes to the drive, handling power and
improving boot time were all helpful suggestions.

Some more useful  links from that site:


Cheers, Ian
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