Eee PC: OS? Xandros, Ubuntu or...?

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Fri Jan 4 23:11:17 CST 2008

One bad thing is when they first released the eee they
did not release the modified drivers so they where not
complying with the gpl. They did resolve this within a
few weeks so this is not a problem (you can get the
2gb of source from the asus website).

Because of these delays in releasing the source code
the drivers for acpi where not in any of the main
distro's kernels. If you are going to install ubuntu
remember it was made before the eeepc so i have heard
it cannot suspend/resume.
When i get a 2gb or bigger usb drive i am planning on
installing the eeexubuntu distro which has a kernel
with these drivers and a few other tweaks specifically
for the eeepc.

make a backup of your computer before you start with
dd, I ran: dd if=/dev/sda2 | gzip -c9 > BACKUP.gz and
saved the tar to a sshfs mount.  

you might need to adjust things like your xorg.conf if
you install another distro so have a copy somewhere
easy to access.

If you don't mind xanderos it is easy to add sources,
xanderos is based on debian etch so you should be able
to install software with apt. just edit your sources
list with: sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list
then do a normal apt-get update, then apt-get install
appname see

--- Ian <ilox11 at> wrote:

> The other thread has given me lots of information
> about the hardware for the
> EEE PC, what about the OS and included software?
> I have been getting recommendations that if I bought
> the Eee to dump the
> installed Xandros and install the latest Ubuntu. Up
> until now it has been a
> moot point but I am getting much closer to deciding
> whether to get the
> little beast or not so I now need to research the
> engine under the hood.
> This isn't so much a question of Xandros vs Distro B
> more than a question
> of, would I be better off installing Distro (insert
> favourite here) or leave
> the Eee running Xandros and update that to run the
> things I might be looking
> for?
> I have never really used Xandros, I do have Ubuntu
> running as a dual boot on
> my desktop. Is the installed Xandros a tweaked
> version and therefore any
> other distro will have to be tweaked to gain the
> same operating features as
> it has out-of-the-box?
> Is there anything negative that I should watch out
> for if I did get an Eee
> and leave Xandros as the OS?
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