Distro CD required ASAP

Brad brad at bradelaide.com
Thu Jan 25 16:50:05 CST 2007

That's great advice, thanks Paul.


I live in Clovelly Park, if anyone close can help out.




Subject: Re: Distro CD required ASAP


Hiya Brad.

Centos is built from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux sources. RHEL is Redhat's
'enterprise' distribution that they sell support for.

The short and quick answer is for your purposes ANY major linux distribution
will do what you want. All modern major linux distros have a gui and are
fairly full featured. Just make sure when you install it you install the
extra's that you need link Apache, PHP and MySQL (any 'server' type install
will include them, and any 'desktop' type install can still have them added

If you want to get a whole of a linux distro before the long weekend.. it
may be a good idea to tell everyone what area you live in to find someone
close by that can copy one for you (some people would probably even just
download the one that you want and copy it for you as alot of people have
access to mirrors that don't count towards their download limits). 

You'll find plenty of help on this list.



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