Firefox won't work with web site... HELP!

Alphax alphasigmax at
Thu Jan 25 02:08:50 CST 2007

David Wolverton wrote:
> The specifics are that the graphics load, the scripts appear to run, CSS
> text loads and in fact every aspect seems to work just fine - UNTIL you go
> to click on one of the up or down arrows at the centre of the screen (to
> scroll up or down) and that's the ball game...  (Nothing happens in Firefox)
> As I said earlier, works perfectly in every other browser tested - only
> Firefox won't work.

Layers aren't part of the W3C DOM spec; they were introduced by Netscape
4 and it appears that some browsers still think they're real:

For a good DOM reference, you can't go past the Mozilla Developer
Center's Gecko DOM Reference:

Word of advice: Browser sniffing is generally not a good idea:

Hope you can find a solution...

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