Firefox won't work with web site... HELP!

Shane squindler at
Wed Jan 24 20:38:21 CST 2007

I'm guessing - and this is a pretty big guess cos its been a fair
while since I've done any web stuff but the onload function is running
at the time the body tag is processed, ie before Firefox has rendered
any of the layers, thus the DynLayerInit thing is passing through a
document that has no layers - hence document.layers has no properties.
Makes sense in my head at the moment but in reality who knows :-)

Maybe try just ripping out the onload and put
<SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
at the bottom of your page somewhere - even after the closing body and
html tags it should still run fine ...

On 24/01/07, Ian <ilox11 at> wrote:
> FireBug Inspector tells me: (and I have no idea what this means)
> ref.layers has no properties
> DynLayerInit("")dynlayer.js (line 80)
> init()print.htm (line 19)
> marcel()print.htm (line 25)
> onload(load )print.htm (line 1)
> [Break on this error] for (var i=0; i<ref.layers.length; i++) {
> Firebug is a brilliant Extension for Firefox, I use that alongside Web
> Developer Toolbox to help me find and fix page problems.
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