Firefox won't work with web site... HELP!

Tom Schinckel gunny01 at
Thu Jan 25 19:02:16 CST 2007

Doesn't work in Konquorer either.

David Wolverton wrote:
> Hi all,
> As you all know: Firefox is an Open Source programme that runs on Linux.  If
> (after you've read my post) you're still wondering why it's here - instead
> of on -talk - I further justify it being here because once the problem is
> resolved, I will be uploading to a Redhat Server.
> The problem:
> I have a just completed Web Site that works perfectly in every browser
> EXCEPT Firefox...  Opera, Mosaic, Safari (etc) all seem to work fine, even
> the dreaded M$ IE works - but as more and more people are using Firefox
> (even I only use Firefox and Opera these days) it's obviously essential to
> get everything 100% on the worlds number 2 browser.
> The specifics are that the graphics load, the scripts appear to run, CSS
> text loads and in fact every aspect seems to work just fine - UNTIL you go
> to click on one of the up or down arrows at the centre of the screen (to
> scroll up or down) and that's the ball game...  (Nothing happens in Firefox)
> As I said earlier, works perfectly in every other browser tested - only
> Firefox won't work.
> Since it works in every other tested browser, I'm hoping this is a
> relatively minor issue that can easily be resolved - but it's beyond my
> skills to diagnose.  I've spent hours checking compliant code on the pages
> themselves and more than an hour on google, but can't find anything that is
> even closely related to my specific problem.
> URL of Site is currently: - please feel
> free to pour over the code yourselves. If what you're looking for isn't
> there - I'm also happy to post the raw scripts used - whatever it takes as I
> would love to see Firefox ascend - and Microsoft descend.
> Regards,
> David F. Wolverton mailto:david.wolverton at
> // "Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of
> them?" Former US President, Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)
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