Cross Platform Programming Languages

Michael Davies michael at
Fri Jan 19 05:29:21 CST 2007

On 1/19/07, Jon Soong <Jon.Soong at> wrote:
> >> Hmm..  I'm not sure what your doubts about Java are? It's
> >slow? It's ugly?
> I think it was James Gosling who compared Swing to a 747 Jumbo :
> "Swing API. It's the 747 cockpit of UI toolkits. Lots of components on, etc. Very extensible." - you can do a lot of stuff but hard to work out whats going on .:)
> It definitely would benefit from updated 'best practice' doco that everyone follows :)

And there is one _disadvantage_ of Java.  Swing.  Seriously, it's a UI
that looks bad and out of place on all platforms.  But now that Java
can be distributed with a Linux distro it's worth considering for
client-side - if you use another UI library.

If you want to use a verbose, cross-platform, stable, mainstream
language, then Java is a good choice.  However I would go for
wxWindows or SWT or similar for UI.

If you want quick, prototyping, cross-platform, stable, mainstream
langauge then I'd still suggest Python.  It's just better :-P
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